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A Lost car and a thrilling chase

On a Thursday evening, Peter rented a car from a nearby car rental company for two days. Along with some of his friends he wanted to attend his best buddy's wedding. The brand new car offered a relaxing ride through the twists and turns towards the marriage place. His friend's place is near to a state border and a hilly forest region. Unlike the city, the place was not having a specific parking area, so that Peter parked his car a little far away from his friend's house. The wedding night party ended very late, and Peter enjoyed it a lot. Music, Dancing and variety of drinks, Peter slept like a log. The next morning, Peter woke up late and searched for his car key. The key was missing. He dashed towards the car. The parking space was empty. The car was gone !!

Peter was literally crying. He never thought about a situation like this. A brand new expensive car has gone from his custody. His friends consoled him and decided to check the surroundings for any clue. Nothing, the car was missing. Peter had no other option than calling the agency and report the loss. Peter was in hell.

Meanwhile, the car was crossing the border at a speed of more than 100 kmph. A local guy who came for the wedding party befriended Peter and got information about the car. When Peter was asleep, he snatched the car key from the table, and left. It was almost 3 in the morning, when he started the car. Before this incident, he stole four more cars in the same manner and handed over it to someone across the border. For delivering a car he was paid 5000 bucks by a middle man. By 9AM, the car was delivered in front of a restaurant. The money was paid and the car was taken to some other location. After 1 hour of swift driving, the car has reached near a bus station. The engine was switched off for less than 5 minutes, and started moving again towards a hilly area. By around 10AM, the vehicle has reached a remote godown, where the car was concealed. While Peter was frantically describing the situation to the car rental agency, the car was 90kms away from the border, parked inside a remote godown, awaiting dismantling.

Fortunately, the agency had installed Thinture vehicle tracking system in all their cars. The transport manager contacted our support team and asked for all details. Our team has taken the play back report and other logs immediately. All details were taken, the routes, parking places, stoppage time, idle, speed, every possible details. The location of the vehicle was seen. But the device was not live. In satellite view, it was clear that, the vehicle was parked inside a building.

A recovery team was quickly formed, split into two. One team immediately started to the vehicle location. The other team went to lodge a police complaint. With lot of efforts (you know what it means !) they convinced the police officers to join them for the search. When the first team reached the spot, they found an isolated old godown, locked, but with lot of rough looking guys around. It seemed dangerous for the recovery team to go inside and rushed to the nearest police station for help. While discussing with the officer, the second team has also reached the station. The police officer (from that territory), was not in a mood to hear their pleas, and left the office, asked them to wait for him.

After a while, he came back and given the the rental agency an offer. They will get their vehicle back, if they agree for the amount the godown owner is asking !! They were in a dilemma. They requested help from police, and got an offer from a criminal, that too for their vehicle !!. No questions asked, they were in a different territory. Hesitantly they asked for the offer, and It was half the price of the vehicle !!!! Suddenly, a message has popped-up in the transport manager's mobile phone. It was from the Thinture tracking system. 'Battery disconnection alert'. The burglars have started to dismantle the vehicle!!

They have requested the police officer some time to think about the offer, and rushed back to the godown. They knew that, if they delay, the vehicle will be stripped down into pieces. They were 12 of them, along with them an armed police officer from their territory. Without any options left, they rammed into the premises where vehicle is parked. Inside, they found three guys working on the car, and a lot of spare parts lying around. Definitely, a lot of vehicles were dismantled there earlier. By seeing a group entering along with somebody with a gun, the guys working on the car fled the scene. Luckily the battery was intact, and with a little effort, they have started the car.

They wanted to leave the place without any further delay, as any time the goons may reach the place to stop them. There was a large gate on the back side of the godown, through which the vehicle was taken out. In no time, a convoy of three cars dashed through the jungle roads towards the state border. It took them almost an hour to reach the boundary, even after driving at very high speeds through the hilly roads.

The spare wheel of the vehicle, multimedia system and some valuable accessories fitted on to the vehicle were gone. Luckily, the vehicle was ok. They haven't got enough time to really work on it. Fortunately, Peter has reported the loss without any delay.

The next day, the car rental agency called us for a meeting. They wanted to install the remote engine-kill facility in all their cars, immediately. We have further offered them to have a fencing option to automatically switch-off the vehicle and alert them, if vehicle go out of a geo-marked area.

Currently, Thinture is installing a lot of cars in their fleet with our advanced vehicle tracking and control system. This is a true story happened 2 weeks ago, even though the name of the character has changed. Thinture tracking systems are designed to deliver. When customers ask about the difference between the cheap trackers they found on the internet, and ours, we always give them testimonials like these. High quality and reliability won't come cheap. If you really want to protect your valuables, depend on a reliable product like ours. I have many more stories to tell you, where our products helped the customers from heavy losses.. But in a later date..

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