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Speed limiters are useless?

Few days back I have seen a question in regarding speed limiters. I replied to it instantly. So many of us ask the same question regarding speed limiter. Please go through the question and answer below. comments are welcome.


The Question


" My daughter's car has one (Ford Focus.) I can limit her top speed to whatever I want. I just don't think it is safe for me to do that. What if she goes to pass someone and they speed up because they're being stupid and she can't fall back and she needs to gun it? What if she is being chased and needs to get away from someone? What if there's an emergency that would necessitate her going 80 or even 90? "


Our Answer


As a speed limiter manufacturer with presence in 15 countries, we have got some views on this subject. First of all, Speed limiter is not mandatory for passenger cars anywhere. An in-built speed limiter facility is provided in new generation cars for switching it on, just for personal safety or, in case the car is used for commercial purpose. It is mainly required for commercial vehicles as per the law. We can see a lot of huge trucks and passenger buses cruising at risky speeds. Usually, the top speed is determined by the governments, according to the top most speed limit allowed in the country. This restriction will not affect the overall running time of the vehicle, because the average speed of a vehicle is always lower than the top speed limit. The driver reaction time and actual braking time determines the stopping distance of a vehicle, and higher the speeds, distance to stop is more. So, speed control is very effective to curb accidents. Statistics have proved that.

We are installing speed limiters for vehicles used in petroleum mining areas, where speed control is mandatory and absolutely necessary. Latest technology used is a location based multiple speed limiter. Vehicle speed will be controlled automatically according to the prevailing speed limits, which will solve the problems faced while using a single set point speed limiter. School transportation is another sensitive area.

Now a days, In personal cars, people are opting for a speed limiter, voluntarily. In commercial vehicles the speed limiter cannot be switched off, where as, in personal cars, it can be adjusted manually. When speeding fines are too high, and sometimes when we forget to check the speeds we are cruising at ( that happens !), speed limiter can intervene. If you don’t want it, just switch off. Otherwise, it can save you from speeding fines and accidents.

The situation you were mentioning is very rare. When you know that, you don’t have the top speed capacity to overtake, you will not do that. Within few hours of driving with speed limiter on, we will get accustomed to that. I have personally experienced it. It’s difficult to accept it initially, but is really possible. I suggest you to lock the speed at the highest speed you can confidently drive the vehicle, Say 120 kmph and try. That is really a good speed, when your vehicle is actually capable of doing 160 - 170 kmph. Good day and Take care.

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