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In Vehicle tracking, accuracy is the key..

It took us almost 3 years to reach an accuracy level like this. Initially, it was tiring for us when we lose connection with the system. It was a perfect sync of circuit designers, firmware developers and software team. We have tested the device in various countries and conditions. One of such extensive trials happened across the length of India, from extreme south to the Himalayas. Network changes, no network areas, harsh conditions, power fluctuations, etc. A basic tracking device is just a child’s play in this technologically advanced ‘AI’ time. We have developed technologies which can use the location information along with real time Sensor data to analyse the working environment of a machine and improve efficiency. For example, one of our advanced models has a capability of suggesting the engine RPM for optimum force required, while the vehicle is running on a certain load. This information will be useful for calculating the work efficiency. Next few years, we are going to witness a massive change in existing ways of doing things. We are positive...

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