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   CaMe, An excellent product from Thinture. Kids phone with 2 way communication. This device is small enough to keep inside a pocket or inside the school bag. you can add 3 phone numbers to the device as registered numbers. In an emergency, the child can press and hold the switch on the device for 5 seconds, and CaMe will call all numbers one by one till somebody picks up.They can speak to each other and also a location link is sent to all mobiles as SMS. In normal cases, the child can call any of these registered numbers directly and speak. 

The registered numbers can also call the child. The alert is not ringing, but vibrations. If a non registered phone call received, CaMe disconnects it automatically. The battery will be fully charged within 30 - 45 minutes. With a standby time of 5 days and talk time of 2 hours.


CaMe, is really a safe phone for School going Kids. The device has a GSM based tracking which works with around 100 meter accuracy. The Device works like a basic mobile uses a normal micro SIM card(not included with the device) to communicate




Thinture 'Temp-Eye' temperature control system is designed for automobiles. It withstands high operating temperatures, harsh environments, heavy vibrations, and still protects your engine from seizure due to over temperature. 'Temp-eye' can shut down the engine either by switching off the electrical supply to fuel pump or by stopping the fuel flow by using a special solenoid valve. Once temperature reaches 5 degree centigrade below the set value, 'Temp-Eye'  starts giving intermediate buzzer beeps which alerts the driver to stop the engine as early as possible. In case, even after the pre-warning signal also, engine is running 'Temp-eye' switches off the engine once temperature reaches set value. A digital output for vehicle tracking system, if equipped,  is provided  once temperature reaches warning area.

" An engine failure is always bad news. Besides taking away your wheels, it forces you to make a painful financial decision "






Two Wheeler Safety

Shield is a rider safety device,designed developed and manufactured by Thinture. You can add your best friends to Shield, so that they can help you, in case you are in trouble. 

without compromising your privacy ,Shield provides effective protection to you, while you are riding a Shield installed two-wheeler/car. 

In case of an accident,Shield will alert your registered contacts about it, with location details and the fastest route towards you,AUTOMATICALLY!! Shield can raise an emergency alert to your registered contacts,in case you are in a threatening situation,while riding.


      Speed Alert system is a speed warning system for automobiles. The system can be installed in any type of vehicles and can be programmed for speed alerts. The device will display the actual speed while vehicle is running and will alert (Buzzer) the driver once the vehicle exceeds the set speed limit.

Speed alert
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