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Our sophisticated infrastructure is supported by manufacturing , quality testing and R&D unit. Our production unit is equipped with latest machines and cutting edge technology that enables us in fabricating products in line with international quality standards. All the machines are operated by our professionals to ensure smooth functionality of the same.

R&D Facility

  Thinture R&D facility is recognized by the Department of scientific & Industrial Research, Government of India. Through a strict auditing process, each and every aspect of designing process is verified.

The products manufactured by Thinture is completely designed In-house. Starting from the concept to product discussion, engineers from each department mould a device from scratch to reality. Thinture R&D consists of basic circuit designing to PCB designing, algorithm to firmware, mechanical assembly drawings, Online software platforms and standard operating procedures (SOP) for aftermarket usage of the finished products.

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

"Thinture is a team of creative minds, aiming a brighter future. We design world class vehicle control systems and strive to reduce accidents and fatality. We care for our environment and will do our part sincerely, to enhance the quality of life."

Our Vision

"To be the world leader in Road Speed Limitation technology."



  We have in-house production facility for SMD assembly, with high speed German pick and place machine. Manual assembly line for through hole components and mechanical assembly line for final assembly. Our production team is lead by highly efficient and experienced Managers.



We design a product from concept to reality. From circuit designing to PCB drawings, from algorithms to HEX codes, from hand drawings to CAD designs, from concepts to Mobile applications, our team is ever ready to take on any challenges.

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