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SPACEX carries a Roadster

I was watching the video of SpaceX latest Falcon-Heavy rocket lifting off to the space. At a speed of almost 15000 km/hr and at a height of almost 150 kms above the earth, the attached frame was seen. The Tesla Roadster on-board Falcon Heavy, was displaying ' DONT PANIC' on its dash board screen. That was just incredible. What an achievement for Tesla and SpaceX, together !! I was thrilled to see the re-usable rocket boosters re-entered and landed safely. This is going to be a mile stone in making cheap space travel in future. We may soon go to Mars for a vacation !!

If we look through the Journey of Elon Musk, the man behind all these, we will see a lot of unbelievable twists. When he tried to get a job in 1995, he was simply unsuccessful. After doing some not-so-famous innovations, he co-founded Paypal and got his share of 150 Million USD after selling it.

He thought about sending mice to Mars with that money in hand !! For achieving that, he planned to buy refurbished inter-continental missiles from Russia !!! Fortunately (?) A part of his money was invested in a dying electric car company (TESLA !) also.

Russians thought, this young boy is really crazy, and took him very lightly. Young musk was really furious about the way they treated him, and started a company called SpaceX in 2002 at the age of just 30 !!!. After 4 years of intensive effort, and spending millions, he prepared for the first launch in 2006. Oops,... It was a failure.

He tried again within one year, in 2007, his second rocket EXPLODED on launch. The money reserves were draining, and he tried again after one year, in 2008. This time, he convinced NASA to award him a contract to carry some of their satellites. With lot of hope, he tried again.

The result: The Falcon 1 rocket failed again.

SpaceX and Tesla was on the brink of bankruptcy. Elon Musk had money remaining only for one more launch. it's about spending all his 100 Million fortune to launch rockets !!! I think, it was the bravest decision, Musk took in his entire life, to spend all his remaining money for the fourth launch.

When you have the dedication, which nobody can break, even at the height of failures, luck will support you. The fourth launch was a Success.

Rest is what we see today. Elon Musk's journey was not easy. He had initially failed in every business he tried, SpaceX, Tesla, Solar City etc. But, he was consistent and steady. We need to understand the value of failures. Never accept defeat. As it is clearly mentioned on the dash-board display of Tesla Roadster, flying deep in the vastness of space, DON'T PANIC..

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