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As a Technology Startup..

Over the past few years, we have seen a swift growth in technology, mostly related to IoT. When Thinture started developing a software platform for our vehicle tracking system, in 2011, we were focusing on a desktop based version. It took us almost 2 years to have a reliable platform.

We never bothered about the Mobile phone application then, as smart phones were not that smart in 2013. Within one year, our customers were asking for mobile application. We developed a mobile application for Android and iOS separately and uploaded. Then day by day, we are trying to add new features and technologies into our systems. The speed of change has increased a lot and we need to run much faster than earlier times.

Few days back, I was discussing with a friend of mine, who works in the field of AI, regarding the development of memory chips which can be used in collaboration with a human brain, so that the entire data loaded on somebody's brain can be transferred into to the chip, in case that person expires. Even a normal person will be a super human with this extra power. The entire data inside the dead person's brain is copied into a chip and pasted into an active human being, say from a scientist to a normal person, the valuable knowledge the deceased had, can be used further and can be saved for future. The interesting part of this conversation was about the attitude we have about the practice of 'Parakaya Pravesha', when one's soul can enter into somebody else's body and take control of it. With the latest advancement of technology, we need to rethink on all most all so called superstitious believing we had about body and soul.

If a hacker can hack into any electronic systems, I feel that soul swapping is also possible.

This article is focusing on towards the attitude, the new startups need to have. Few years back, I was excited to develop a product for saving water. I thought, it can change the future. A simple device which can be used on all water tap systems, so that a lot of water wastage can be stopped. The device has an impeller unit connected to a small dynamo which is coupled in between the water pipe line and tap. An IR sensor is fitted on the tap and will activate a small solenoid latch valve when somebody opens the tap and places his/her hand in front of the sensor. The power for the entire setup will be generated from the dynamo when water flows through the impeller !!. After working on the setup for almost 6 months, I came to know that a similar simple system is already available in some Chinese online stores !!. Lot of other problems were also associated to the functionality of this concept. I lost almost 6 months and some money, developing an already developed system.

A new startup should have these points in their mind. There are companies now, which manufactures almost anything we think about. So,check thoroughly in the internet for products similar to our idea, so that we can move ahead with confidence. The most important thing is about the rapid change of technology. we should have a future ready product, not the one just addressing the current issue, to sustain. Our existing habits and present infrastructure may change anytime. Also, we should be extremely careful about the security of technology products which we introduce.

In 2018, we have to expect more advanced technology, than what we had seen in the last year..

Team Thinture wishes you a wonderful year ahead.

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