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Thinture GPS based tracking device.. Real life story

After buying a new car, Rahul has decided to install a safety gadget in it. He was looking for a device which can give him the complete control over his vehicle. He finally decided to install a reliable GPS based tracking device. His driver drops him at the office every morning and return the car

back to his home. During the day time, his family uses the car. He was afraid of cheap imported trackers with servers outside India and searched for a reputed Indian manufacturer with in-house software support facility. After few days, Technician from Thinture installed a tracking system to his full satisfaction. The car has appeared in the Thinture GPS application installed in his mobile phone. He can track his car any time!

Rahul found himself caught in between the devil and deep blue see, when a close friend of him approached for his car. He loved his car very much and doesn’t want anybody else to use it! Reluctantly, Rahul has handed over the car to his friend, who is in a hurry to attend a high profile marriage function. It seems friend’s car was in workshop. Next day, When the car was given back, Rahul has seen lot of mud inside the tyre flaps. The fuel tank was half empty, where it was full while handing over. Rahul was almost sure that, his friend has misused his car.

He opened Thinture online GPS site and checked the running history. He has seen a mysterious running pattern in the history map, where the location is very familiar to him.

In the history playback page Rahul has seen his car taken inside a play ground, where it was running in a circular manner for many times. Rahul called us at Thinture, and narrated the story. He requested us to add the SMS immobilizer facility, so that he can switch off the engine by sending a magic SMS, before somebody request for his car in future Winking smile..

Also asked for SMS alert facility, in which he will receive an SMS when his car reaches back to his home every morning. Rahul is quite a gentleman, he never asked his friend about this incident.

Two days later, Rahul’s friend came with a very happy news, and distributed sweets to Rahul’s family.. His wife has passed the driving test !!!

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